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system moves through the day on friday. it's going to be dry so no need to worry but even colder temperatures behind that. here's our forecast for today. 44 to 49 degrees. winds will be out of the northwest at 10 to 20, so it's going to feel a little bit colder than that. coming up, we'll look at the extended outlook. lisa baden off to you. >> i'm getting literally some details right now from stafford county sheriff's office as far as what remains closed because of flooding. the route 1 at the crucifix northbound the notable one for most of you there's only one lane that's going to be passable because of deep water. if you drive in an area that you know is prone to flooding, today would be no exception. last we heard route 1 in annandale road over in prince george's county, that was also affected. stafford county, prince george's county, that's just to name a couple. live i wanted to take you to a couple of the geico traffic center pictures. first of all aross the
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roosevelt bridge, where we still have the long-term construction on the other side, constitution avenue, and over on 270 let's check out the southbound commute. that's beautiful here. now to news. >> beautiful is what we like to see. thank you, lisa. 5:02 is your time this morning. we are still feeling the effects of yesterday's downpours. the impact of this heavy rain could pose problems during the morning commute. brianne carter has more. >> the wet weather that pounded the washington region is wreaking havoc on area roads. in beltsville, high water forced police to shut off a section of route 1, a driver who ended up stuck in the mess was able to get out without injury. >> torrential rains and then it was torrential snow. >> a wintry mix of rain and snow covered the frederick-hagerstown area. while it wasn't sticking, the plows were out. it was frustrating for drivers trying to navigate their way home. >> the roads were really kind
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of scary. >> while the official start of the winter season is still about two weeks away, some are already ready for the warm days to return. >> i'm ready to head south. >> out here live, there's still crews that remain out here along route 1 shutting off a section of that with some water still remaining there out on the roadways. you're going to want to use an alternate route if at all possible. while some are saying that they are ready to head south others say they're happy that it finally feels like winter. reporting live, brianne carter, abc 7 news. >> thank you brianne. steve is going to have an updated forecast in a few minutes. when you're not by the tv, you can still find the weather any time by heading to our website >> federal and local officials say the d.c. area is better prepared to deal with emergencies. the office of personal management told a senate panel it will urge federal workers to stay where they are instead of having everyone leave at once.
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we've been there before. d.c. officials say they also plan to encourage people to stay put. the hearing was prompted by gridlock after last january's snowstorm and the august earthquake. >> at 5:03, we're following a developing story. police have arrested a 17-year-old girl, this in connection with tuesday night's stabbing at a high school basketball game. briana funes is charged with attempted homicide. police say she stabbed a 17-year-old girl several times at a game at northwood high school in silver spring. the victim, we're told, is expected to be ok. >> right now, the search continues for a man police say who attacked a woman in a laundry room. it happened at the potomac oaks condominium in gaithersburg. >> the warnings are posted all throughout the potomac oaks condominium, detailing a sexual assault that had the entire gaithersburg community shaken. >> i'm really scared. >> it was just about 9:30 wednesday morning when a cleaning woman went into the
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laundry room and performed routine duties, not realizing a man was following her every move. locking himself inside the utility room with her, he pulled out a knife and sexually assaulted the 28-year-old. >> she's a sweet little gal very polite, very nice, very friendly. >> residents have got their guard up, and their apartments are on lockdown. >> it's terrible. it's terrible. doesn't surprise me. i've lived in gaithersburg off and on since 1968, and it's not what it used to be. >> all right. >> 5:05 is your time, 35 degrees outside. >> still ahead on "good morning washington" -- the list of charges is growing for former penn state coach jerry sandusky. details on what landed him back in jail. >> and former illinois governor rod blagojevich enjoying his last few weeks as a free man. learn just how much time he's going to serve for corruption. >> and we'll have another check on your traffic and weather every 10 minutes.
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>> welcome back. want to get a check of weather and traffic. >> what do we owe this pleasure, steve rudin? >> what do you know? adam has the day off. we are looking at better news for our weather for today.
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temperatures colder than just 24 hours ago. outside this hour, 36 degrees at reagan national airport. we have dropped two degrees over the past hour. they've had the snow. that's colder out to the west. the storm from yesterday last night, now well to the northeast. moving across boston into upper new england, and it will be completely out of here out of the continental united states within just a matter of hours. this is what we have for our forecast for today. winds out of the northwest at 10 to 20 miles per hour, so it's going to feel a bit colder than that, mainly clear for tonight, mid 20's to lower to middle 30's. and tomorrow bright sunshine again, temperatures in the mid to upper 40's to around 50. a look at the extended outlook coming up in just a few minutes. but first head over to lisa baden. she has an update on the traffic. >> i do. thank you, steve rudin. i know that along route 1 at the crucifix in stafford
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county deep water and so the road is only one lane passable. but closed in both directions, according to prince george's police is route 1 between beltsville and laurel at annandale road. that's, again, because of flooding. open for business is the beltway in the geico traffic center picture picture. moving nicely is traffic along 95 here in springfield. the red going south headlights in this camera going north. not bad on 66. no complaints out of ashburn leesburg sterling, and through drainsville in tysons on route 7. natasha? >> thank you lisa. 5:10 is the time on this thursday. it is 35 degrees. >> coming up -- the latest on the child sex abuse scandal involving former syracuse university coach bernie fine. why a district attorney says he will not be taking the cases of two accusers to trial. >> and another big name throwing his support behind republican presidential candidate mitt romney. who is it?
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>> after wild weather overnight, we have a couple of school delays to share with you. charles county, maryland, and shenandoah county, virginia, schools are opening two hours late today. natasha? >> cynne checking our top stories this morning -- yesterday's rain storms left behind pockets of standing water all across our area. high water forced police to close part of route 1 in beltsville last night. that stretch of route 1 is still closed. there's no word on when it will reopen right now. crews had to rescue a stranded driver but that driver's ok. and police made an arrest in the stabbing outside a silver spring high school. 17-year-old briana funes is charged with attempted homicide in the stabbing of another 17-year-old girl outside northwood high school on tuesday. that girl is expected to be ok.
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and police are looking for a man who attacked a woman at a gaithersburg condominium complex. the man police say followed the woman into a laundry room, pulled out a knife then attacked her. the suspect ran away. police say the woman was not physically hurt. cynne? >> we've got new developments in the child sex abuse investigation at penn state. former assistant coach jerry sandusky behind bars this morning after being arrested on new charges. abc's paul bebin is live in new york with more on sandusky's fight to be released on bail. paul? >> good morning, cynne. even if sandusky does manage to make bail this morning, he won't be going far. a judge says he will be under house arrest and he'll be wearing an electronic ankle bracelet. jerry sandusky is looking for a way out of prison this morning after failing to post $250,000 bail. the former penn state assistant football coach was handcuffed and arrested wednesday
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afternoon on new child sex abuse charges. he now faces more than 50 counts of sexual abuse. >> jerry's scratching his head saying what's next? i said don't ask that question. you know, don't ask can it get worse, because it can. >> two new accusers paint a terrifying picture of what went on in sandusky's basement. that's where victim number nine told the grand jury that sandusky ordered him to stay. the boy says he ate meals in the basement, brought to him by sandusky. and there are graphic new details about sandusky's wife and what she did or did not do to stop it. victim number nine was 10 to 12 years old during the alleged attacks and testified sandusky's wife, dottie, was in the house but that she never came downstairs. at least once he screamed for help knowing sandusky's wife was upstairs, but no one came to help him. >> i didn't do those things. >> it was just last week that jerry sandusky told the "new
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york times" he'd done nothing illegal, denials that seem only to fuel the accuser's pain and outrage. >> first he serially abused my client and then he had to hear sandusky deny that he did those things. >> sandusky is set to come face to face with at least eight of his accusers at a hearing set for next tuesday. as of now all of them are expected to testify. cynne? >> thanks so much paul. it turns out no state charges can be filed against ex-syracuse university assistant basketball coach bernie fine. the district attorney says he believes the accusations of two of three young men who say they molested -- were molested by fine but the d.a. says the statute of limitations has expired. he says the case involving the third accuser is within the federal statute of limitations and federal officials can continue that particular probe. >> former illinois governor rod blagojevich will begin serving
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his 14-year prison sentence on february 16. blagojevich was convicted of trying to sell president obama's vacated senate seat. after years of insisting he was innocent blagojevich told the judge that he'd made terrible mistakes and that he broke the law. >> this is a time for me to be strong for my children, be strong for patti and this is also a time for patti and me to get home so we can explain to our kids, our babies, aim and i annie,what happened, what all this means and where we're going from here. >> blagojevich won't be eligible for early release for at least 12 years. by then he'll be 67 years old. >> the republican presidential candidate descended on d.c. they were seeking the support of jewish activists. the candidates used the republican jewish coalition forum to criticize president obama's foreign policy. they also said the president hasn't done enough to support israel. front-runner newt gingrich
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promised to appoint former u.s. ambassador john bolton to be secretary of state if he's elected. and mitt romney pulling out all the stops in iowa. new jersey governor chris christie traveled there to campaign for romney. christie says romney is the only candidate capable of defeating president obama next year. the governor was heckled by credit whoiks say he and romney are part of a corporate 1%. >> there's new details in the european financial crisis. standard & poor's has put the european union on alert. it's for a possible downgrade of the a.a.a. rating. this move comes ahead of a crucial summit with the euro currency's fate hanging in the balance. the leaders of germany and france are trying to rally support for their plan for eurozone nations to submit their economies to much greater scrutiny. >> it's 5:18 right now. the difference between what you can do on your mobile device and on your computer is
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decreasing. >> here's abc's rob nelson. >> in today's "tech bytes," andrew narrows the app gap. users are downloading a billion applications a month. google's android market just passed 10 billion downloads and is celebrating by offering some apps at 10 cents apiece. new software lets you play more graphically-enhanced games on apple and android phones and tablets. it uses cloud computing running the games off its servers and delivering them over the internet. hewlett-packard reportedly is about to blow out some more of its discontinued touch pads. republished tablets will go on sale on ebay this sunday at $99 each. and a study by parenting magazine finds that 90% of mothers say they have friended their kids on facebook mostly to keep an eye on what they're doing. most of the other 10% log in as someone else to monitor their kids. and those are your "tech bytes." i'm rob nelson. >> all righty. time now 5:19.
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steve rudin is here. what do you have for us? >> better day today than yesterday, although it's hard to top the nastyness yesterday with three inches of rain at reagan national airport. that's a record-setting day for rain totals. we want to look for drier conditions today lots of sunshine, but temperatures well below average for this time of year. outside at this hour, we are looking at 36 degrees at reagan national airport. wind-chill factor makes it feel mother like 29 degrees. winds out of the west-northwest at 9 miles per hour. here's our weather bug network now 33 degrees at children's hospital. they had wind gusts earlier today of 43 miles per hour. that was just after midnight. now 33 at washington lee high school in arlington. annapolis at 35 degrees. temperatures across the midatlantic holding in the lower to middle 30's.
5:20 am
out to the west, they had a little bit of snow in winchester, now 32 degrees. martinsville, west virginia, at 33. the temperature change compared to this time yesterday, now 23 degrees colder. so, when you walk out the door, a real shock to the system today. here it is, area of low pressure quickly moves off. our skies are quickly clearing out and will remain clear for the day today. weak clipper system arrives on friday really not going to bring us any precip, but cooler temperatures behind that for the weekend. 44 to 49 degrees for a daytime high. nighttime lows, mid 20's to lower to middle 30's. tomorrow end of the work and school week, 46 to 51 degrees. a quick look at the extended outlook, a bit cooler for the upcoming weekend. temperatures in the lower 40's. nighttime lows will be in the 20's. let's get an update on this morning's rush hour commute. here's lisa baden. >> steve, i was just thinking when you're saying it's a shock to the system and how the temperature is certainly dropped, i taught my dog skipper, the wonder dog to ring a bell on the front door when he wants to go out. that way i know.
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well, he kept ringing the bell because i loves the temperature outside. he looked like buck in "call of the wild," just the hair blowing in the wind. oh they're just loving that temperature. are we loving what we have on the highway? sure the rain kind of scaring folks away. we don't have any problems to report right now as far as accidents. that's a good thing. we still have a couple of roads that are affected from some deep water here and there but we're going to get off to an uneventful start along the beltway and interstate travel, as you see in these geico traffic center pictures. all right, back to cynne and natasha. >> lisa, you crack me up. she made me think of the song -- i'm not going to sing, it but "ring my bell." >> no, i remember the song. >> it's in my head. thanks lisa. >> 5:22, 36 degrees. >> coming up -- how about some vintage ovechkin? the great 8 reminds fans how good he can be, but would this brilliant goal make a difference in ottawa? that's next.
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>> after letting a 16-point hood slip away, the maryland terrapins rebounded for a 77-74 win over mount st. mary's last night. harrison did the heavy lifting for the terps down the stretch and topped all scorers with 23 points. now, maryland improved to 5-3 and host florida sbefrpblt on monday. >> here's tim brant with the rest of this morning's sports. >> good morning, washington. the caps finally got it going on the road last night against ottawa, but it didn't come until the third period when the floodgates opened. oh baby, those goals came quickly. let me take you back to canada. in the third period, caps down 2-1 in their white sweaters. power play on the rush
5:26 am
backstrom, one-timer under the bar, and this game was tied at 2-2. prettiest goal of the night came from alex ovechkin. he skates the puck down and around the net gives carlton a stop move here, then the deke, the snap, the bang. ovechkin's ninth goal of the year his first since seemingly forever. 15 seconds later judge hans son feeds the front and puts it on troy brower's stick. the caps beat the senators there's a look at your morning sports. have a great day everybody. >> thanks so much tim. 5:27 right now, 36 degrees. the news continues with "good morning washington" at 5:30. >> up next drivers on the dulles toll road should prepare to dig deeper in their pockets. why you should expect to pay more next year. >> and some traffic troubles around town thanks to the wet weather from yesterday. i'm brianne carter. we'll have an update coming up. >> i'm steve rudin. quiet and dry this morning but
5:27 am
temperatures a lot colder than it was just 24 hours ago. what can we expect for the rest of the day?
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>> we have an alert for drivers this morning. the heavy rain has moved out but you'll want to be on the lookout for roads with high water. good morning to you, washington. 5:30 is your time on this thursday december 8. i'm cynne simpson. >> and i'm natasha barrett. we have two school delays to tell you about this morning. charles county, maryland, and shenandoah county, virginia, schools will open two hours late today. so, if you have kids there good news, they can sleep in. now let's get to traffic and weather together every 10
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minutes. steve rudin is here. >> all the rain has come to an end, now just colder air funneling into the midatlantic. we're going to feel the difference especially during the morning and afternoon hours with the breezy conditions. look at the temperatures outside. of course, colder out to the west in the mountains. 32 cumberland. the same at winchester and petersburg. closer toward d.c., head to reagan national airport now at 36 degrees. the temperature change, 24-hour temperature change, yesterday at this time it was 23 degrees warmer than it is right now. all the nasty weather moves off toward the north and east. bright sunshine in the forecast for this morning and this afternoon. high temperatures around 44 to 49 degrees. another frontal system on the way for the day tomorrow, and a cooldown for the upcoming weekend. the full forecast in more detail in just a few minutes but first, over to lisa baden. >> i'm just now getting word from our producer that massachusetts avenue northeast
5:31 am
near union station is closed between second and columbus circle. apparently there's a water main break. so massachusetts avenue commuters beware near union station. beware around the roads. you're going to get knocked around with pretty intense wind gusts. no accidents reported right now as far as beltway travel. see if i can pull up one of the pictures for you here, and there we go, 270 headlights southbound at 28 and open to the beltway and moving well for now. yippee! cynne and natasha? >> all right lisa, we'll reinforce the message that drivers should remain alert especial until any areas with high water. brianne carter live this morning in beltsville with more. brianne? >> good morning to you, cynne. yesterday we were talking about all of that rain that we had, and there was certainly the chance for flooding. we have seen that in some parts across the area. this morning here along route 1, we are seeing that one lane is able to get by in the southbound lanes now this morning. traffic is moving in the
5:32 am
northbound lanes but there is still some water in the southbound lanes, so there are crews still out here. but again one lane able to get by. it was a very dangerous situation last night that occurred. drivers were getting stuck there in that standing water. we understand at least one motorist was stuck in the water, but was able to get out unharmed. and it wasn't just rain that we were seeing. even further north and west, it was snow. that's what was causing some big messes up around the frederick and hagerstown area. while it wasn't sticking to the roads, it was still a mess for drivers trying to get home last night. some people say that they are happy to finally see some winter weather in our area. others still say that they are just looking for those warmer temperatures to return. again this morning out here in beltsville we're seeing that the northbound side traffic is able to get by. in the southbound lanes one lane is able to get by. certainly you're going to have to watch out for that standing water. there are a number of tricky spots on the travel this morning. reporting live, brianne carter,
5:33 am
abc 7 news. >> thank you. 2011 is shaping up to be a record-breaking year for costly disasters. there were at least 12 disasters that caused a billion dollars in damage, and that number could grow. it was snowstorms, tornadoes hurricanes and flooding and wildfires. there were more than 1,000 weather-related deaths in 2011. >> at 5:34 this morning we're on a developing story, a 17-year-old girl under arrest for allegedly is to bing another girl at a high school basketball game. briana funes charged as an adult with attempted homicide. police say she repeatedly stabbed the 17-year-old girl at northwood high school tuesday night. she suffered nonlife-threatening injuries. a gaithersburg condominium complex is on edge after a woman was sexually assaulted yesterday morning. police tell us a man followed a cleaning woman into a laundry room at the potomac oaks
5:34 am
condominium. he pulled out a knife and then attacked her. the suspect fled. police say the victim wasn't hurt but is very shaken. residents don't believe the suspect is one of their neighbors. >> the remains of many more troops in the military originally acknowledged have been dumped in a virginia landfill. "the washington post" is reporting incinerated partial remains of at least 274 u.s. troops were sent to a landfill in king george county, and it says the landfill dumping was concealed from families who authorized the military to dispose of the remains respectfully and with dignity. >> you might need to find another place to play a round of golf this week. this golf course will close from sundown to sunup for three months so that sharpshooters can kill deer. officials say there's been an increase in deer-involved car crashes as well as cases of lymph disease. the hunts will be conducted after dusk. >> your time this morning 5:35 35 degrees outside.
5:35 am
>> still ahead -- the latest on the child sex abuse scandal at penn state. why former coach jerry sandusky is back in jail. >> and a chaotic scene for occupy san francisco protesters. why nearly 100 demonstrators were arrested. >> and we'll check on your weather and traffic.
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>> hi. i'm molly. come see the thought-provoking measure hisizing life sculpture at the national gallery of art. good morning washington! >> hope you're having a food start to your thursday morning. a lot colder outside as you head out the door today. you will definitely notice the difference. the good news, all the rain that we had last night now long gone. look at satellite and radar. you can see how the system quickly lifts off toward the north and east. our skies are beginning to clear nicely, and that means lots of sunshine as we move through the morning and afternoon hours. 36 at reagan national. dulles at 34. the same in manassas. look at the wind-chill factor. it feels more like 29 degrees outside. our forecast for today mid to upper 40's. winds will be out of the northwest at 10 to 20 with lots of sun. the winds will settle down a little bit later this afternoon. coming up, a look at the extended outlook, but first, over to lisa baden.
5:39 am
she has a look at traffic. >> we'll start with 66 this go-round focus out of marshall to get through manassas and into vienna. it's just kind of the usual stuff. no problems reported out of warrenton this morning and 28 looks ok coming out of manassas park to join everyone. through falls church, we notice some headlights, but no problems across the roosevelt bridge to the long-term construction along constitution avenue. massachusetts avenue apparently a water main break near union station so plan to drive accordingly. >> thanks so much lisa. 5:40 right now. drivers who use the toll road can expect toll increases every year for the foreseeable future. the metropolitan washington airport authority which runs the highway says tolls have to go up to pay for the extension to dulles airport. tolls will climb 25 cents on january 1. "the examiner" reports the authority will not set rate increases for future years until next year. >> and metro is seeking an 8%
5:40 am
increase in its next operating budget. metro's c.f.o. tells "the examiner" the transit agency is looking at fare increases to help fund the increase. and it plans to ask taxpayers to shoulder about 9% more in contributions. metro is increasing its security force and adding more escalator maintenance and that's driving up costs. ook, time now 5:41, about 35 degrees outside. >> coming up, a tragic ending to a helicopter tour of the las vegas strip and hoover dam, what investigators are saying now about a crash that killed five people. >> and a popular fashion item is a fashion faux pas at one college, why skinny jeans are
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>> we have two school delays to tell you about. charles county, maryland, and shenandoah county, virginia, schools will open two hours late today. cynne? >> important heads up, natasha thank you. want to check our top stories now at 5:44. yesterday's heavy rain led to
5:44 am
pockets of flooding across our region. the high water forced police to close a section of route 1 in beltsville last night but right now at least one lane of traffic is getting by in both directions. also, a 17-year-old has been arrested in connection with a stabbing outside a silver spring high school. briana funes faces attempted homicide charges in the stabbing of another girl outside northwood high school on tuesday. the victim, we've learned was not seriously hurt. and military records are showing that more remains than originally acknowledged were dumped in a virginia landfill. "the washington post" reports incinerated, partial remains of at least 274 u.s. service members were sent to a king george county, landfill. >> now to the scandal over at penn state. former assistant football coach jerry sandusky is in custody again. now he's facing new felony charges. new sexual molestation charges have been filed against him. it's all based on the testimony of two additional accusers.
5:45 am
sandusky's lawyer says he's skeptical of their motives. >> with all the talk about money suits, i think it's an invitation for more people to come forward who may not necessarily be forthright, so we're going to have so sift through all the allegations. >> sandusky had already been charged with molesting eight other boys. one of the two new accusers says sandusky raped him in the coach's basement. the accuser says he screamed for help, knowing sandusky's wife was upstairs, but no one came to help him. >> five people died when a sightseeing helicopter caused a crash near las vegas. officials say the choppers was on a tour of the las vegas strip and the hoover dam and that's when it went down last night. a pilot and four passengers were killed. the crash site is not accessible by road. federal investigators are looking into what exactly caused that crash. >> there will be an interfaith service for people who don't have jobs, and it will be held at the capitol, on capitol hill today. people there will hold while
5:46 am
carnations in solidarity with unemployed workers all across the country and they'll call for jobs, not cuts, from congress and an extension of unemployment insurance. the event will take place at 11:00 this morning at upper senate park. >> it was a tumultuous scene during the occupy protests on k street in northwest d.c. more than five dozen protesters showed up and were arrested yesterday after shutting down k street, and that's where many of the city's influential lobbying firms are located. demonstrators from d.c., as well as across the country converged on k street. they were protesting what they call corporate greed. a mass demonstration snarled traffic. >> and dozens of occupy san francisco protesters are also behind bars this morning. at least 85 people were arrested during a confrontation between protesters and police. the occupy demonstrators were trying to return to the site of their former camp.
5:47 am
most of the protesters were cited and then released. >> it's 5:47 right now. a neighborhood in dublin, california, is all shaken up after a mythbusters experiment went wrong. the reality show hosts were measuring the speed of projectiles fired from a cannon but the cannonball missed the target, and take a look at what happened. it smashed right into a home. >> it bounced went completely through that house tore through all the sheetrock walls in that house. >> and then the cannonball kept going, it hit a neighbor's roof smashed into a minivan. luckily no one was hurt. the sheriff's office says the show does have insurance for these kinds of incidents. >> and that is good to know. >> yes it is. lots of damage there. well, if you want to attend an idaho university, you better leave those skinny jeans at home. >> brigham young university's idaho campus has banned the tight-fitting jeans those right there. school officials say skinny jeans violate the university's honor code, which says clothing
5:48 am
should not be form-fitting. some students support the ban others say it goes a little too far. >> hmm. i don't know. brigham young, i believe is a mormon university, yeah, so they can set their own rules. >> things that make did you hmm. steve, what would do you? how would you wear your skinny jeans? >> i wish i had a pair, my goodness. all righty -- >> he's leaving that one alone. >> hey you're going need your jackets today for sure and gloves and a hat. it's going to be windy for the early morning hours. the good news, all the rain is gone. leave the umbrellas at home, but some changes, yeah, on the way for the upcoming weekend. it's even colder weather. oh, say it's not so! looking outside 36 degrees the wind-chill factor at 29. winds are out of the west-northwest at 9 miles per hour. head over to our weather bug network. newington, virginia, you're looking at a temperature of 36 degrees. waldorf, it's right at the
5:49 am
freezing mark. they've had wind gusts earlier this morning at 34 miles per hour. and now it's 35 in annapolis. our temperatures are not going to warm up quickly this morning, holding in the mid to upper 30's. 36 degrees at the airport at this hour. winchester at 32. culpeper at 36 degrees. the temperature change compared to yesterday at this time, it's 23 degrees colder outside. you'll definitely feel the difference. wind-chill factors up and down the east coast are holding in the 20's. this is that storm system that brought us the nasty weather yesterday, quickly quickly moving off north and east. our skies clear out nicely this morning. futurecast shows a clipper system just off to the north and west of us. this will arrive during the day tomorrow really not going to notice anything at all but colder temperatures behind it for the upcoming weekend. here's our forecast for today. 44 to 49 degrees. nighttime lows falling into the
5:50 am
20's to lower to middle 30's. tomorrow bright sunshine again, 46 to 51. here's the extended outlook slightly cooler on saturday and sunday. back to the mid to upper 40's for next week. let's head over to lisa baden. she has an updated look at traffic. >> i do, i do, and i've been clicking around the geico traffic center cameras, because i want to tell what you to expect. i'm going to show you what i found, and that's not much. 270 looks beautiful clean. we have one crash southbound between 80 and 109 so coming out of frederick, you'll find that. but otherwise out of germantown to rockville, that looks great. we'll take you to virginia in the springfield camera, heads lights are northbound, and more of them, too but everyone seems to be handling it. george washington parkway love this picture. one, because it's colorful. two, because it's open. this is just north of reagan national airport. no problems out here dulles on the dulles greenway, the dulles toll road. and oh, blast, we lost that picture, it went away. that's too bad because it was a really beautiful one as well.
5:51 am
no problems out of sterling to get through tysons and drainsville. metrorail on normal service systemwide. natasha and cynne back to you. >> ok, lisa hopefully we can see that picture later. another retailer shutting down stores due to slow sales. >> and h.p. is selling its tablet at bargain prices again. with business news, here's linda bell live at bloomberg headquarters in new york. linda, fill us in. >> good morning once again to you, cynne and natasha. if you're looking for a cheap alternative to the ipad, here's another flash fire sale on the way for h.p.'s touch pad. according to a memo sent to employees, the failed tablet will go on sale on hewlett-packard's official ebay store starting this sunday at 7:00 p.m. you'll have a chance to snag the 16-gig version for $99. the catch is you need a pay pal account and they're republished. from iphones to blackberry ranked at number nine the interactive advertising bureau
5:52 am
says that 15% of d.c.-area residents are influenced by mobile coupons. surprisingly tech-savvy san francisco didn't even make the top 10. and pacific sunwear's financial picture looking very cloudy lately. the teen retailer says it's closing up to 200 underperforming stores within the next year or so. no word yet on if the stores in the d.c. area will be shut down. and that's business news. live at bloomberg headquarters in new york i'm linda bell reporting for abc 7 news. back to you. >> all right linda thank you so much. we'll see you tomorrow. it's 5:53 right now. a new study is giving new meaning to girl power. it actually found that women are better than men in at least eight categories. >> not surprising. topping the list is dealing with a broken heart. researchers also found that women are better at driving and, guys, giving directions. this is like a fact now. the study also found that women are better at hammering and
5:53 am
newscasting. >> true! >> what! a swiss study says people considered news reported by a woman to be more credible. we did not write that. >> i like the swiss, though. >> very accurate. out of all the studies i've read here, i like this one. >> 5:54 right now. it's 35 degrees. >> you're watching "good morning washington." [ female announcer ] more people are using wireless devices... in more ways than ever. and our networks are getting crowded. but if congress frees up more wireless
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spectrum... we can empower more people to innovate... putting momentum behind our economy. and we can reduce the deficit... with more than thirty billion dollars paid by america's wireless companies. it's simple -- more spectrum means more freedom. for everyone.
5:55 am
>> well, you got to love
5:56 am
technology. take a look at that. that was pope benedict xvi illuminating a huge christmas tree. all he had to do was tap on a tablet. the tree is a display made of nearly 1,000 lights. >> pretty cool stuff. now, we're giving you the chance to show off your holiday decorations in our latest contest. >> yeah, we want to see what you got out there. submit a picture or video of your outdoor holiday decorations to, and we're going to show some of the best displays around town on air beginning on monday. stay with us. we've got a lot more still to come in the next hour of "good morning washington." >> we're keeping an eye on the wet roads and any areas with high water. traffic and weather when "good morning washington" continues.
5:57 am
5:58 am
>> straight ahead at 6:00 -- no snow but lots of rain. where high water could make your commute take a little longer this morning. >> plus, jerry sandusky back in jail. the new charges against the man at the center of the penn state sex abuse scandal. >> and later alec baldwin versus american airlines, why this battle is not over yet. "good morning washington" continues right now.
5:59 am
>> it's time to get the day started. good morning washington. worry approaching 6:00 a.m. on this -- we're approaching 6:00 a.m. on this thursday, december 8. i'm cynne simpson. >> and i'm natasha barrett. winter's returned, left behind lots of rain and a sudden temperature drop, but no snow. >> however we have school delays to share with you. shenandoah county and charles county public schools are going to open two hours late. what's in store for the day ahead? meteorologist steve rudin is here with us this morning and has a check on the forecast. >> hey let me tell you a complete difference compared to what we had yesterday all that rain. over three inches at reagan national airport breaking the old record. it was the wettest day on record at the airport for the entire month of december. pretty impressive. outside at this hour, the rain is gone, the snow out to the west now also gone. 36 degrees at the airport. 34 in manassas. 36 culpeper.

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